Saving Photos from Outlook for Mac has become less intuitive than it’s predecessor, Entourage, and Apple’s Mail app. Here are two examples of emails with photos attached and embedded.

Example 1 :: Image “Attached”

This email has a photo sent as an attachment. Notice you do not see the image in the body of the email, but it appears in attachment section of the message.

Preview The Image

To Preview the image, you can click on the Preview button, or single click on the file name and tap your spacebar. You can, of course, double click on the file name to open it in Apple’s

Save the Image

The simplest way to save the photo(s) is to click on the “Message” menu item, then on “Attachments” then “Save…”.

You will be prompted for the location in which you would like to save the image/attachment. Remember where you save the file so you can use it in other applications in the future. (i.e. add it to iPhoto, Photoshop, etc..)

Example 2 :: Image “Embedded”

This email has a photo sent embedded in the email. Notice you DO see the image in the body of the email and it does NOT appear in the attachment section of the email.

Option 1 – The “Mac” Way

Mac users love to click and drag. In this scenario just place your pointer over the image, click and hold the mouse button, and then drag the image to where you want it (Desktop, folder, etc..). You can also drag it right into an application icon such as iPhoto.

Option 2 – The “Other” Way

There’s always the right-click option. If you don’t have a two button mouse or your trackpad/mouse setup with a right-click option, hold down the “control” key and single click on the image. When you control-click (right-click) it will bring up a contextual menu that will allow you to save the image anywhere you choose on your mac.